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5-Step Help Desk Transition Plan From In-House to Outsourced Help Desk Support

Posted by Alejandra Carranza on December 22, 2022

Rasmussen University may not prepare students for all positions featured within this content. Rasmussen University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, an institutional accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Teeple emphasizes the importance of knowing how to support your team and https://remotemode.net/ your employer as you advance up the IT ladder—a skill that’s honed to perfection working as a help desk technician. You’ll learn how to view problems from the users’ perspectives and work effectively with a team. These are two skills that will prove invaluable in any higher-level IT position.

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Three ways investors can manage transition risk in portfolios.

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Let everybody in the company that there’s going to be a significant change and how it’s going to impact their performance, whom they can ask questions and report problems to. Phase three may include multiple workstreams being built and tested in parallel to ensure a seamless transition help desk engineer on the first day of service. Are you looking to transition from in-house to outsourced help desk support for your organization? If you’re serious about launching an IT career, one of the most-likely first stops you’ll consider on your career path is to work as a help desk technician.

How to transition from the help desk to a sysadmin job

Some people work for 30 years and don’t get to the metaphorical ‘top of the ladder’. I firmly believe you could be a Senior Systems Engineer up until you are ready to retire and be completely happy. You have to have a complete understanding of every aspect of a company’s infrastructure (networking, storage, virtualization, OS, security) to architect or design a solution that suits their needs. This is not an easy process but you can get there with years of experience and lots of knowledge. And while you’ll certainly need a foundation of technical knowledge to get started in a help desk role, these positions can also offer opportunities to develop your technical expertise. There are so many paths a technology career can take – and many of them intertwine.

necessary steps to take to transistion into a help desk engineer

If this is the case with your desired career, you may want to find the right option for yourself at a university. More and more reputable schools offer online classes, and these can be a more flexible option, particularly if you’re not ready to quit your current job. Scan your LinkedIn network and talk to friends and family about your desired career change. Find someone who has the job you want and reach out to them to see if they’ll meet up for an informational interview. This will help you figure out how they got the job you desire and help you start thinking about how you can replicate the steps they took to successfully secure the position. 51.1% of help desk engineers graduate with a bachelor’s degree, and 6.3% of people in this position earn a master’s degree.

Tips for Making the Switch to an Engineering or Developer Role

Larson also recommends relevant certifications for catalyzing the journey from the service desk to sysadmin. He points to two, in particular, that will help less-experienced IT pros learn the basic proficiencies necessary to advance. “The best way to build the skills to become a system administrator is to administer systems,” Larson says. After gaining a solid footing in IT at the help desk, however, it’s time to think about the next step in your IT career. Working in a help desk role can give you an opportunity to learn more about the options that await. LaShana Lewis, a former help desk worker and software engineer at  MasterCard®, says people new to the field have an excellent opportunity.

  • Gaining hands-on experience through internships and volunteering can significantly enhance your resume and improve your chances of landing a Helpdesk Engineer role.
  • Automated service to migrate your data between help desk platforms without programming skills — just follow simple Migration Wizard.
  • It helps to have been an admin at one point in your career to understand what the team will go through with implementing a design.
  • To provide quick service to customers, organizations depend on several teams to collaborate seamlessly and resolve internal tasks promptly.
  • CompTIA CySA+ assesses the skills needed to apply behavior analytics to networks to improve the overall state of IT security.
  • API limits are one of the factors that impact how long it will take to migrate all your data and whether your data migration will run smoothly.

Beyond that technical proficiency, they must also have excellent interpersonal skills to interact with customers. In general, desk support technicians achieve similar levels of education than help desk engineers. They’re 2.8% less likely to obtain a Master’s Degree while being 0.6% less likely to earn a Doctoral Degree. You may transition from a client-facing function in your organization to software engineering if you’re a top performer in customer support. However, continuing to do your original position will not get you there.

The Path to Becoming a Helpdesk Engineer

In fact, “climbing the ladder” could frustrate you and create unnecessary anxiety. If you love help desk and doing that job makes you happy, then do it and be the best at it. If you love design and architecture, then be happy doing it and don’t sweat trying to advance. The old idea that working hard and going above and beyond at work makes you successful is dead wrong. The help desk technician is the first stop for almost anyone that is having trouble with their IT assets, printers, laptops, desktops, email, passwords, printers, printers, printers (ok, you get the gist).

  • Baseline cybersecurity skills are applicable across more of today’s job roles as companies search for qualified IT pros to secure their systems, software and hardware.
  • This more traditional pathway opens the door to job roles like network support technician and junior system administrator.
  • Find a mentor that will help you understand the ins and outs of the technology that your organization is utilizing and sit in on any architecture or design meetings that you can.
  • You’ll need to make friends with engineers to ensure that your name comes up first when new chances arise.
  • Use your time at the help desk to observe, ask questions and learn what it is that you’re passionate about.
  • While a job at the help desk is a great way to launch a tech career, it’s usually a stepping stone to something bigger and better.

We calculated that 8% of Help Desk Engineers are proficient in Troubleshoot, Help-Desk Support, and Technical Support. They’re also known for soft skills such as Customer-service skills, Listening skills, and Speaking skills. It means pushing hard during practice sessions to grow a little bit faster, stronger, and better each day in preparation for game day. It will provide you with the ideal opportunity of succeeding on race day when it counts the most. “Put yourself in a position to succeed” is standard advice in sports, and it can be implemented to achieve your professional and personal goals. If you are a good performer in your current function, your employer will likely be more eager to supply you with additional engineering opportunities.

Step 8: Update the whole company

A desktop support technician must have excellent communication and technical skills to monitor systems performance and enhance network navigation. A senior infrastructure engineer specializes in designing and developing systems and infrastructures based on client preferences and industry standards. Each career also uses different skills, according to real help desk engineer resumes. CyberSeek provides career pathways for those that work in networking, software development, systems engineering, financial and risk analysis, security intelligence and the most recent addition – IT support. Read on to learn about how you can transition your IT support career into a cybersecurity career. Find a mentor that will help you understand the ins and outs of the technology that your organization is utilizing and sit in on any architecture or design meetings that you can.

  • Once you choose which certification is right for you, download the exam objectives to see what’s covered and then select your training solution.
  • The next step is training on the new services via efficient communication and coordination between the two parties.
  • It’s good to take advantage of your “first timer” status to help improve any documentation of these tasks.
  • Your organization has made the decision to hire a help desk support team.
  • Even if you have no official degree in computer science, you will be able to demonstrate to them that you are engaged in your learning and capable of becoming a software engineer.
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